Code of Conduct of Business Ethics for Employees of “REMKOM” LTD

REMKOM LLP (hereinafter referred to as the Company) was established in 1999 and operates in the field of rendering services in the chemical and repair-building industry.

The Company is a close-knit team of like-minded professionals with common goals, their own traditions and internal culture.

The guidelines for the Company and the behavior of its employees include the following values:

Fairness and honesty
Politeness and modesty
The pursuit of continuous development
Trust in employees
Respect for customers
Proper remuneration with performance results

The Company complies with the following principles for any of its activities:

Builds relationships with partners, customers, suppliers based on legal, moral and ethical standards

It bears full responsibility to customers for the quality of its services and timely fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Creates and maintains mutually beneficial commercial relations with suppliers and partners, guided by the principles of mutual respect and compromise

Appreciates the labor merits of its employees and provides them with fair compensation

Provides employees with social securities and safe working conditions

The purpose of enforcing this Code is to introduce the principles, rules and norms of behavior that contribute to the effective development of the Company, consolidate the conditions of employees in ensuring the high potential of the Company and improve the quality of professional activity of its employees in the daily practice of the Company.

The principles, rules, and norms observed in this Code comply with the standards and ethical norms of Business Code adopted in the business community.

This Code applies to all employees and sites.

For the stable development, in the pursuit of continuous improvement, the Company is focused on long-term cooperation with each person in the team of employees.

Relations between the Company and its employees are governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, industry regulations, collective and labor agreements applicable to the Company.

The company welcomes friendly relations between employees and by all means contributes to maintaining a favorable socio-psychological climate in the team.

The company expects from its employees to maintain mutual respect, free expression, trust and honesty. Teamwork and the efforts of all employees are the core for success.

The Company’s management encourages employees to come up with ideas, to provide feedback on improvements and current problems.

During the labor, employees of the Company should be guided by the following principles:

Compliance with Labor discipline
Constructive, goal-oriented communication
Fulfillment of obligations
Innovative activity and continuous self-education
Dedication in work
Mentoring, assistance to young and new employees in professional development
Constant search and implementation of new forms and methods of labor organization
Creative approach to the work performed
Any form of discrimination (on religious, political convictions, gender, age, nationality) in the team of the Company is not permitted.

The Company in no way restricts the personal freedom of employees and does not regulate their private lives.

Each employee has the right to maintain any personally chosen lifestyle. The Company respects and appreciates its employees. Each employee can count on an objective assessment of their abilities and labor results.
Each employee must understand that among many other things the business reputation of the Company consists of the reputation of each of its employees.

The company carries out its activities in such a way as not to harm the environment and the health of workers. The Company’s environmental policy provides for compliance with applicable environmental laws.

In their activities, employees of the Company must comply with all measures provided for by law and the rules on Heath and Labor and Environment Protection.

The company wants to see its employees healthy and creates the necessary conditions for this. The employees’ self-healthcare is also considered an important component of the success of the Company.

Interaction with customers is the most important task of the Company; therefore, the Company expects employees to be friendly and polite.

The task of the Company is not only to attract a counterparty, but also to create all conditions for long-term cooperation with it.

The creation of the most favorable conditions and a precautionary attitude towards the customer is the key to long-term partnerships.

The impression of the Company is formed by the first telephone conversation; therefore, each employee must politely and correctly communicate by telephone.

Ignoring phone calls is not welcome. Telephone calls should be conducted in a clear and loud manner, speech should be intelligible with friendly intonation.

If the employee whose phone is ringing is busy or is not at the workplace, one of the colleagues should answer the phone call. A phone call should not be left unattended.

Personal long-distance and international calls using the phones of the Company at its expense are prohibited.

In order to start your work day on time (to prepare the workplace and prepare yourself), it is desirable that the employee comes to the workplace 10 minutes before the official start of the work day. Appearance at the workplace after the official start of the working day is a lateness delay.

If it is impossible to come to work on time, the employee must notify his immediate supervisor of any occurred problems.

Systematic lateness of employees entails disciplinary action in the framework of labor legislation.

In case of extra work load, the immediate supervisor can involve individual employees to work extra hours.

The company expects that the appearance of each employee will be neat and tidy, following the business (classic) attire. Employees wearing sportswear or “arrogant” clothing are not encouraged to be at the workplace.

The order, cleanliness and accuracy of the office and personal workplace create a favorable impression of the Company.

The company expects that employees will not play computer and other games, engage in extraneous affairs unrelated to official matters, as well as eat, drink alcohol and smoke at the workplace. Smoking is permitted outside the office building in designated areas.

Using office equipment and the Internet for personal reasons is not welcome.

The company expects employees to take care of the property of the company.

The Company is an organization that strictly adheres to the principle of strict compliance with the norms of the current labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and expects a similar attitude from its employees.

This Code will be developed by considering current changes within and outside the Company.

The Code may be supplemented and amended by a decision of the General Director of the Company.