Safety and Health and Environment Protection

One of the main priorities when carrying out various types of work of the company is the safe working conditions for the personnel, in accordance to the Safety and Health standards and Safety Management Systems (SMS). We pay close attention to the training of personnel safety regulations, conduction of safe working procedures, and a change in the perception of workers in compliance with safety regulations.

The company provides various types of services for enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “REMKOM” LLP also puts safe work as a priority, according to the requirements of the Safety and Health and SMS. In the future the Company intends to improve its work in the efficient and safe manner of work. Based on the experience gained in the field of H&E, as well as, using our resources with technical and financial capabilities, we took the following principle as the basis for our work on H&E Protection: The program will be successfully implemented only if the best world technologies are combined with the interests of our employees and compliance with environmental safety.

Adhering to the obligation of strict compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, standards, norms and rules of safety and labor protection, by all employees of the Company, we strive for continuous improvement and creation of a safe and environmentally friendly workplace for our employees and the environment, therefore following the internationally approved standards, we provide our employees with work uniform, appropriate tools and equipment.

The company requires:

  • Throughout the performance of any work, it is the priority to ensure and comply with all legislative acts, rules and standards on safety and labor protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    compliance with legislation on public health and environmental protection
  • the fulfillment of planned measures in excess of the minimum regulatory requirements for safety and labor protection (H&E) by all structural divisions of the Company
  • ensure understanding and implementation of all procedures and standards for H&E by all company employees, while working at any facilities.

Our goal

Is to make people aware that any incidents and injuries can be prevented. This can be achieved only if the full commitment of forces, knowledge and skills is applied to the rules of safety and labor protection standards for each employee – from senior managers to ordinary workers. We want all workers to return home healthy and unharmed every day.

The company makes effort not only to create a safe environment for our products and the services we provide, but also for environmental protection. The company works in such way as to minimize environmental damage. We reward our workers, who promotes the protection of the environment.