Mining and Processing Plant (Zhanatas city)
Zhanatas Mining and Processing Plant – overhaul of technological equipment, reconstruction of buildings and structures, overhaul of grinding plants of the Central Processing Plant, certification and examination of tanks operating under pressure up to 5000 m³, repair works of pipelines with registration in Gostekhnadzor.

Oil field “Saigak” (Aktobe region)
Project 1: Construction with the supply of technological equipment and materials, commissioning of the Saigak Oil Processing Unit at the Shubarkuduk urban settlement, Aktobe Oblast on a turn-key basis as the General Contractor. An oil treatment unit is a production complex that includes equipment for oil-gas separation, heating, dehydration and desalination of oil, utilization of associated petroleum gas, a tank farm for oil storage, pumping stations with piping systems, auxiliary buildings and structures, a fire station.

Project 2: Construction, installation and commissioning of a 1.6 MW gas turbine power plant at the Saigak UPN field. The binding of oil wells, the installation of flow lines, electrical installation work on the high-voltage cable lines, commissioning work, work on instrumentation and automation, installation work of the associated gas utilization system.

Oil refinery (Kenkiyak Urban Settlement, Aktobe region)
Work on the arrangement of vertical cylindrical tanks in the Kenkiyak urban settlement, Aktobe region, with a capacity of 10.000 m³ (reconstruction of the Kenkiyak’s pumping station).

Balkhash smelter (BGMK, Balkhash)
Work on the reconstruction of the furnace gas removal system of the converter shop of the Balkhash smelter (BGMK). Scope of work: climbing work on the installation of gas ducts, metal structures, as well as related technological equipment.

“Adzhip KKO” (Atyrau city)
Installation of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems in the residential area of ​​the “Adzhip KKO” shift camp in Atyrau city.

Alibekmola oil field (Aktobe region)
Comprehensive development of the Alibekmola oil and gas condensate field during industrial operation in the Aktobe region. The work performed includes: the installation of foundations of a block pump station for maintaining reservoir pressure, installation of a tank with a capacity of 5000 m³, cable and technological trestle. Installation of technological equipment with piping systems, work on corrosion protection and thermal insulation.

“Kazakhmys Corporation” (Zhezkazgan city)
Zhezkazgan TES – overhaul of the boiler room and near turbine equipment, gas pipelines, dust pipelines. Repair of heating surfaces and equipment within the boiler unit of steam capacity 220 tn/h. Replacing the high pressure drum of the boiler.

NovoZhambul phosphoric plant (Kazphosphate LLP NDFZ, Taraz city)
Overhaul of furnaces for the production of yellow phosphorus, electrostatic precipitators, process pipelines and related equipment. Repair, installation of technological equipment and pipelines in the main workshops for the production of yellow phosphorus.

Mineral fertilizer plant (Kazphosphate LLP, Taraz city)
Installation, assembly and commissioning of an technology-energy boiler manufactured by ZAO Energomash (BZEM) RKS-95-4.0/440, consisting of individual elements and blocks, piping and installation of technological pipelines of different diameters, temperature levels and pressure levels, sheet assembly of sulfur storage tanks with volume of 500 m³, 2000 m³.

Dunga Oil Field (Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH, Aktau)
Design and turn-key construction of a double-circuit overhead line “VL 35kV” with a length of 1.5 km, “VL 10 kV” with a total length of 125 km with the installation of complete transformer substations KTP-160 kVA, carrying out all commissioning and testing works. Construction of a new 35/10 kV substation, consisting of 35/10 kV transformers with a capacity of 10 MVA, 35 kV outdoor switchgear, installation of a 10 kV indoor switchgear of the NXPlus type, with all tests and commissioning. Dunga Field Development Project: Construction and installation work and commissioning of the Dunga 2 substation – 35/10 KV, 2×10 MVA, 35 kV OHL, 10 kV OHL and KTP for well sites.

Mineral fertilizer plant (Kazphosphate LLP, Taraz city)

Installation of technological equipment: vibrating screens Q=100t/h “HA-VER NIAGARA”, crushers “Sulta” Q=50m/h, conveyors belt KLS 80 K-30-U4

Electrical installation, construction and assembly works, construction of the 1st start-up complex for the production of 500 thousand tons of MAP/ammophos

Dunga Oil Field (TOTAL E&P DUNGA GMBH, Aktau)

Reinforcement of cable trays from PST-01 to CPS (Central Collection Point)” of Dunga mine. Reinforcement of cable trays between PST01 and CPS (Central Collection Point), and reassembly of power cables to/from electric heating system distribution cabinets PL03 and PL04. Complete Production.

Dunga Oil Field (KazakhNeftGasServis Ltd, Aktau)

Project “Construction of line D” to perform electrical work on the construction and installation wells D4, D5, D6, WD4, WD5, WD6, D7, D8, Scrubbing chamber. Complete Production.