State license

Construction and installation work

The installation of engineering networks and systems, including overhaul and reconstruction

Special soil works

The construction of load-bearing and (or) enclosing structures of buildings and installations (including bridges, flyovers, tunnels and overpasses, and other man-made structures), including overhaul and reconstruction of facilities

Special construction and installation work for laying linear structures, overhaul and reconstruction

License number: 007528

License Issue Date: November 16, 2001


Exploration Activities

Engineering-geological and engineering-hydrogeological works, including:

Soil field studies, hydrogeological studies

Geophysical exploration, reconnaissance and surveying

Geodetic engineering works, including:

Topographic works for design and construction (surveys on a scale from 1:10000 to 1:200, as well as survey of underground utilities and facilities, tracing and surveying of linear land facilities and their elements)

Geodetic works related to the transfer to nature with reference to engineering and geological workings, geophysical and other exploration activity points

Construction and laying of geodetic centers

Creation of high-altitude survey geodetic networks

License number: 17010974

License Issue Date: June 15, 2017

State license

to engage in the type of activity on the design, manufacture, installation and repair of equipment

to engage in the type of activity: Design, manufacture, installation, repair of chemical, drilling, oil and gas, geological prospecting, mining, metallurgical, energy equipment, explosion-proof electrical equipment, lifting structures, as well as boilers with operating pressures above 0.7 kg/cm² and a coolant temperature above 115 °C, vessels and pipelines operating under pressure above 0.7 kg/cm²

License number: 0003499

License Issue Date: February 16, 2010


Project activity II category

Technological design (development of the technological part of construction projects) of industrial facilities, including:

Dams, dikes, and other hydraulic structures

Technological design (development of the technological part of construction projects) of buildings and structures for housing and civil purposes, including:

Structures for transport infrastructure (intended for direct servicing of the population) and utilities (except for buildings and structures for servicing vehicles, as well as for other industrial and economic purposes)

Structures for preschool, general and special education, boarding schools, as well as other multifunctional buildings and complexes with premises of various public purposes

Design of engineering systems and networks, including:

Trunk oil pipelines, petroleum product pipelines, gas pipelines (gas supply of medium and high pressure), power supply – up to 35 kV, up to 110 kV and higher

Indoor and outdoor lighting systems, power supply – up to 0.4 kV and up to 10 kV

License number: 17009982

License Issue Date: June 02, 2017